Roof & Gutter Cleaning


An important but often overlooked part of home maintenance is keeping your gutters (eaves troughs) clean and free of debris so rain water can drain properly. If debris from nearby trees collects in the gutters it can impede the water from draining properly and cause water to run over the edges which may lead to leaking and foundation problems. In the winter months clogged gutters can also contribute to the formation of ice dams. To avoid costly repairs, be sure to have Pinnacle check your gutters at least twice a year, late in the spring and fall seasons.

If you have a tile or metal roof you may be suprised to hear that the discoloration on your roof isn't dirt but the growth of algae or moss. Shade on your roof provided by nearby trees can aslo promote growth, as does tree leaves that sit on your roof for extended periods of time. Experts say algae and moss may cause some roofs to deteriorate prematurely. Pinnacle is very knowledgable and experienced at removing the growth and restoring your roof back to its natural color. We are experienced on tile, composite, metal, and shake roofing